Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update from Dr. Block

Our trip aboard the RCS is going well. We’re on a course heading toward Palmyra and conducting oceanographic stations twice daily. Our students have found their sea legs and the energy aboard the ship is extraordinary. Oceanographically we’ve crossed a 50nm anti-cyclonic eddy that Walter Torres a budding oceanographer has become focused upon with his watch mates. They have been able with the CTD sections that profile the water column and the ADCP that measures ocean currents to accurately demonstrate the size
And the circulation around the eddy and the impact on the ecosystem (less productivity).
Visiting scientist Kakani Young is imaging at night ctenophores and pyrosomes with her remarkable laser system that allows us to see particle flow around the jellies. Students Felecia and Brian are helping her out.  On the watches in Science we’ve seen some amazing catches in our nets- the lab is coming up to speed with processing samples and on deck we’re becoming well heeled sailors focused on sail handling and now past the stage of lines learned.

We’ caught a short-billed spearfish and wahoo for our fish projects and all and all we’re off to a terrific start to the trip. We’re at 15.5N latitude on a beeline for the Line Islands with a wonderful crew of students, professional sailors and scientists enjoying the fair winds pushing us south.

-Barbara Block

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