Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Voyage Begins

The sails are raised on the Seamans

Our Stanford at sea trip is successfully under sail having conducted safety drills on anchor outside of Honolulu harbor.  We are underway heading 1000 miles south with a great fair wind out of the northeast.  We will begin our first scientific station this afternoon providing ample opportunity for our students to learn about science under sail.  Spirits are high after a wonderful night under the stars and a surprise visit by three male humpbacks who sang songs by the boat.  They breached in the starlight providing a wonderful first night aboard the Robert seamans. A great omen for the trip ahead.
Students don "Gumby suits" as part of safety training

-Chief scientist Barbara Block

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Lynette said...

That looks like Lucas! What a fantastic opportunity, I can't wait to hear the details!