Friday, May 3, 2013

The Hopkins Adventure

The 2013 Stanford@SEA class on the steps of the Agassiz building
I had no idea time could pass as quickly as it has these past 5 weeks. As a freshman still adjusting to the fast paced quarter system I had no idea what I was in - a quarter’s worth of information tightly packed into 5 hectic weeks. But before I get too ahead of myself let me take you back to where it began –

It’s day 1 and we are all meeting as a group for the first time, introductions and standard knowledge like class year and majors are being exchanged outside on a gorgeous Monterey morning. The excitement is running high even through the afternoon when we were handed our impossibly full seeming schedule. By the end of the week it was clear that this group was unlike any other. That something drew us together across a diversity of majors, class years, and interests. This something made us “click” in a way that was noticed by students and teachers alike. And it took me until this point to figure out what that something was.

It took long days at the station, late nights in the library, s’mores at the point, bonfires at the beach, group project work, a lot of laughter, and a tuna in every lecture for me to figure out what really drives and connects this amazing group that I am lucky to be a part of…

A sense of adventure and a passion for exploration. Everyone in this group makes the most of every opportunity and never backs down from a challenge. Together this drive to explore makes us better scientists and excited mariners. Our time at Hopkins has been a blast! I can’t wait to see where this sense of adventure will lead us and all the fun we will have together on the next leg of our journey aboard the Seamans.

-Anja Malawi Brandon 

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Have a fantastic time! Looking forward to your next post.