Sunday, May 8, 2011

Setting off!

Spirits run high as the students prepare to depart.

After weeks of study and tremendous anticipation, we have cast off our bowline and left our berth at Pier 36 at Honolulu. We've had an interesting few days,  situated next to the longline fleet of Hawaii for the past few days, where fishers have been preparing to head back out to catch yellowfin, bigeye tuna and swordfish. We've loaded tons of provisions, equipment and fuel on to the ship, prepared the laboratory, run some protocols for research and now for the first time we're free from land.

We are moving out of Honolulu harbor on a day with fitful rain and only a small bit of sunshine. Seas are calm here at the dock and the winds are light to moderate.

Student Sabina Perkins takes the wheel to motor out.
In keeping with tradition, a student - Sabina Perkins -  has taken the helm and carefully helped us under Phil's command to motor off the dock in a tight turning basin filled with fishing boats. We're now enjoying the vistas of Honolulu and soon we'll be in open waters. Fair winds, hopefully calm seas, and great research and adventure are ahead. 38 aboard, with the enthusiasm as high as I have seen it in this class.

-Barbara Block


Douglas said...

That's our Jackie!!
Love you Bean

JoAnne Newland said...

So proud of you Tara!! Have wonderful trip, will be following you each day thanks to your mom for sending me the site. We love you, stay well and enjoy every minute of your awesome trip! J&B2