Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arrival at Palmyra!

We arrived Palmyra on schedule this morning at 0900. We doused sail and motored through the narrow cut in the reef to enter the atoll's western lagoon.   After a few morning squalls the afternoon has brought back blue skies, cumulus clouds and a beautiful breeze blowing across the decks.  We have reduced to half watches and everyone is either too busy, too excited, or too tired (or all of the above) to write today's blog. We have three boats exploring the lagoon and the western terrace filled with students beyond excitement to begin their research projects.  Those neither on the boat missions or on watch are enjoying a walk on shore that no doubt will end at the swimming hole.  With the azure water and multi-colored reefs beckoning it may be a few days before anyone is ready dry off long enough to sit at a computer and blog!

-Philip Sacks


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