Sunday, May 24, 2015

At 9' south of the equator and Neptune is calling....

Tomorrow we're anchoring in Kiritimati, or Christmas Island. We are also halfway done at this point! This is a celebratory mock-poem I wrote for the occasion, based on "Twas the night before Christmas."

Twas the night before Kiritimati*
And all through the ship
All of the students
Were loosing their grip.

Their laundry was flung
By the bowsprit to air
They were smelly and tired with knots in their hair.

Some of them sweated all cramped in their beds 
As visions of ice cream cones 
Danced in their heads.

Others stood watch and watched the flag flap 
As the captain lay down for a very brief nap.

As two shooting stars went by in a flash 
I passed the forestays'l, 
then heard a small splash.

I went to the rail and peered at the swell 
When what to my wondering eyes did appear 
But a little old tuna, without any fear.

Its tail was strong, its scales on fleek 
And to my surprise, it started to speak:
"Yo Barb! And Pamela! A Watch! And Kels!
C Watch, B Watch, and everyone else!
Although you are tired and potentially sick of each other,
 And miss your pet dog, or boyfriend, or mother, 
And smell worse than mung 
And want a long shower, 
And haven't had private time for even an hour, 
Remember how lucky you are to be here,
And that the end is soon drawing near.
So treasure each moment, each callous and bruise 
And the respite from internet, cell phones, and booze."

The tuna swam off into the west,
And left behind it the great RCS*.

*Robert C Seamans



RJ said...

Great poem.

KarenH said...

Love it!

Peter Shea said...

While reading your poem a block from the Atlantic Ocean in Sea Isle City, NJ a turtle hatchling emerged from the bushes.... We took it as a good omen, named him Robert C and released him back into the sea.... True story!! ....commemorating you halfway mark from 6000 miles away, we look forward to reports of your continuing adventures while wondering whether the head flushes counterclockwise below the equator?

Bente Lundh said...

Very clever poem! We can see that you're just about at the euator now. Great to keep up with your journey. Keep the stories coming. Hope for fair & staedy winds for the rest of your journey! Please tell Andreas "Happy May 24th" (big holiday in Bermuda)

Bente Lundh said...

Incidentally how are you uploading your blog stories? Via a satellite phone? And more pictures would be GREAT if possible :)

kathleen brady shea said...

Fabulous poem! I hope by now that you've safely passed the equator and that
everyone still has all of their hair...

Dita Hutchinson said...

LOVE this!!

Trish Garcia said...

Ho Sierra-
Love your poem!!!